CinchDroid...a game where turning tricks is encouraged, not illegal.

Cinch is an American card game derived from Pitch via Pedro where you take tricks from your opponent using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. This software is focuses on the version of the game the lead developer learned to play in his home town of Jasper, Indiana. Cinch, a member of the All Fours family and similar to Pitch, may sometimes be known as Double Pedro or High Five.

Available on Google Play

Requirements: Requires Android OS 2.1.x or later.

Brilliant! Incredible! So addicting I called in sick to work the past 3 days!

- Matt

Fun and addictive!

- Kristen

Fantastic! Playing CinchDroid is a great way to cure boredom!!

- Liz

Love it! Glad to finally have this game, and pretty solid for a beta version!

- Big T
How do I learn to play?

Eventually we'll add a walkthrough hand, but until then check out How to Play from the main app screen. As a new user, it might also be helpful to turn on the Dim Unplayable Cards setting.

Where can I get support?

We do our best to make sure the app works exactly as it should, but should you have an issue or if you would like to request a feature just let us know! The app makes it easy to send feedback, or send a note to

Who am I playing against?

CinchDroid currently only supports a single-player mode, so you're playing against the computer.

Got another question?

Great! We love to hear from our users, so if you have any kind of question, comment or other rant, we welcome your feedback! Just use the feedback options in the app or send an email to

App Screenshots

CinchDroid v1.4

Released on 04/04/2012
  • Pro version released! Why go pro?
  • New card images and suit indicators (easier to read on smaller devices)
  • Ability to change card style
  • Added basic sound effects
  • AI fixes and improvements
  • Added dealer's choice option (Pro only)
  • Basic statistics support
  • Improved tablet support
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Memory improvements and FC issue fixes
  • ANR keyDispatchingTimedOut in MobclixBrowserActivity: This is a known issue with the Mobclix SDK for Android; they're working on a fix, which will be included once released. CinchDroid Pro does not have this issue.

CinchDroid v1.3

Released on 03/8/2012
  • Added ability to dim unplayable cards
  • Added ability to prevent screen from sleeping while playing
  • UI tweaks
  • Bug fixes and improved crash reporting

CinchDroid v1.2

Released on 02/13/2012
  • More AI fixes and play improvements
  • Added ability to customize deck and table styles (more available in pro)
  • Fixed force close from the Play Again dialog
  • Fixed force close sometimes occurring on draw (java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException)
  • Other minor fixes and UI improvements

CinchDroid v1.1

Released on 02/03/2012
  • AI fixes and play improvements
  • Added an option to suppress the bid dialog result (on by default now)
  • Fixed an issue with the bid dialog getting cut off and changed the title when stick the dealer is in effect so it's less confusing
  • Fixed an issue with game speed and set a slower speed for default (can be changed in Settings)
  • Fixed a force close issue (android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException)
  • Changed the dealer draw round result to be less confusing (dealer gets the 'remaining' blind cards, not a specific number)
  • Removed the ability to attempt playing cards during the bid round
  • Replaced the pop-up menu with ActionBar items in accordance with Android UI standards
  • Other minor cosmetic improvements

CinchDroid v1.0

Released on 01/30/2012
  • Customizable game speed and difficulty
  • Choose whether or not current trick points are displayed (Pro only)
  • Auto-sort hands
  • Four game varations (bidder goes out, trump leads first trick, always follow suit) (Pro only)
  • Ability to continue games
  • App2SD support

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